We introduce here a short list of our research projects and international collaborations. These activities have been established by the TurboMachinery Research Group, the team of scientists that gave birth to Aires Tech.

Scientific and industrial researches
  1. 2002-05 P.I.B.E. Modeling of biomass combustion process -, P.O.N. MIUR 593/00 – NP 12690;
  2. 2003-05 LES modeling for complex geometry three dimensional flows, applications of immersed boundary and finite element methods, MIUR (Italian Department for the Academic Research) COFIN03;
  3. 2004 Investigation of rotating seals in axial submerged propeller pumps, Faggiolati Pumps SpA.;
  4. 2003 A comparative numerical investigation on axial fan rotor designed for low sound emissions, research contract, Flakt Woods Ltd, Colchester, UK.
International collaborations
  1. since 2001 T*AFSM – Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Rice University of Houston (USA), Prof. T. Tezduyar:
    1. development of stabilized SUPG/PSPG formulation for unsteady RANS solvers;
    2. development of LES models for turbomachinery flow applications;

  2. since 2000 Thermo-Fluid Section Faculty of Applied Physics -Technical University of Delft (Netherland), Prof. K. Hanjalic:
    1. SMC Elliptic Blending Modeling for compressor cascade flows;
    2. assessment of High-Re (GL, SSG) and Low-Re (HJ) SMC modelling for FE solution of turbomachinery flows;
    3. modeling of transition phenomena in turbomachinery flows;

  3. since 1999 Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), Prof. A. Teodorczyk: Turbulent combustion modelling.;
  4. since 1998 UDEP – “Universidad Particular de Piura” (Perù), Prof. R. Saavedra: Three-Dimensional flows in transonic and supersonic turbomachines;
  5. since 1997 Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Ungheria), Prof. J. Vad: Three-dimensional laser doppler anemometer measurements upstream and downstream of axial flow rotors.